October 2015

50 Years On

Dance is the hidden language of the soul, and dancers are the messengers of the gods, according to the influential modern dancer Martha Graham. This is most true in Indian culture, where an art like Bharatanatyam is an integrated form of aesthetic education and character building, enriched by moral and spiritual values encoded in mythological stories. The multicultural heritage of music and dance forms here has been a visible manifestation of Singapore, which now celebrates 50 years of independence. This is an exciting year that presents new horizons for the Indian cultural community here. The brand new Indian Heritage Centre opens in Little India, and Singapore arts and culture have been featured in New Delhi to mark half a century of bilateral relations; Indian classical dance will also be represented prominently at the Singapore International Festival of Arts with the involvement of Bhaskar’s Arts Academy. The inaugural concert... Read more


Recent Events/New Courses

by Thava Rani

Recent Events Advaith Date: 27 June 2015 Time: 8 pm Venue: University Cultural Centre Advaith is an experimental and exploratory work on the concept of ‘non-dualism’. Featuring two different dance styles, Bharatanatyam and Kathak, in a... Read more

Incredible India

by Thava Rani

INCREDIBLE INDIA! The Ramayana Mela Festival in India is a grand celebration involving several dance ensembles from all over the world performing at various cities throughout the week-long festivities. Thousands of personnel from the Indian... Read more

Bhaskar’s Festival: Bhaskareeyam

by Ananda Mohan Bhaskar

Bhaskar’s Festival: Bhaskareeyam This year was the second death anniversary of our beloved founder, the late Shri KP Bhaskar. An idea for a Festival was initially mooted by some of our senior teachers, during our... Read more


Baka Vadha

by Ananda Mohan Bhaskar

BAKA VADHA: held on 22nd Feb 2015 at the Goodman Arts Centre, Blackbox   [gallery link="file" columns="9" size="full" ids="435,436,437,438,439,300,440,441,442,443,444,445,446,447,448,449,450"] This is our annual Kathakali performance conducted by our very own Bhaskar’s Kathakali group led by... Read more


A New Chapter Begins – Raga Sandhya

by Chee Meng

A New Chapter Begins - Raga Sandhya (3 April 2015, SOTA Concert Hall) [gallery columns="9" link="file" ids="320,325,322,323,324"] In the grand ambience of an august concert hall, about 40 musicians and vocalists of the Swathi Bhaskar’s... Read more

From Cartoon to Bliss Divine: The Practice of Music

by Chee Meng

From Cartoon to Bliss Divine: The Practice of Music Ghanavenothan Retnam, music director of Bhaskar’s Arts Academy, generously shares his precious tips on the practice of music -- as the inaugural music concert of Raga... Read more


Indian Heritage and the History of Singapore (Part 1 of 2)

by Chee Meng

Indian Heritage and the History of Singapore Like other forms of heritage in multicultural Singapore, the Indian heritage has been an integral part of the cultural landscape here. With the opening of the new Indian... Read more