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BAKA VADHA: held on 22nd Feb 2015 at the Goodman Arts Centre, Blackbox


This is our annual Kathakali performance conducted by our very own Bhaskar’s Kathakali group led by our master Biju Sadanandan.   It was a full-house performance and the troupe performed an excerpt from the Mahabharata called Baka Vadha. We also had two guests from Kerala performing: Kalabharathi Ganesan on vocals and Kalarangam Bijulal as Bheemasenan. For this year’s performance, there were many new young faces and also non- Indians in the audience. Also the current crop of Kathakali trainees from the National Institute of Education attended. The long- time efforts of the team to promote this amazing traditional art form is slowly bearing fruit and now they are in popular demand to perform skits at various road shows and community engagement shows organised by the National Heritage Board, National Library and other various grassroots organisations.

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